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Guest Blog on NAMW Site

I have a guest blog about how and why I wrote Purge: Rehab Diaries on the National Association of Memoir Writers website. Reminder: The NAMW Teleseminar is on Friday, October 21st! http://www.namw.org/namw-guest-speakers/how-and-why-i-wrote-purge—rehab-diaries-nicole-johns/ http://www.namw.org/general-member-announcements/elisabeth-eaves-nicole-johns-and-anna-mitchael-to-speak-at-the-national-association-of-memoir-writers/

Book Cover T-Shirts

These tee-shirts are so cool. I want The Bell Jar one, personally. http://outofprintclothing.com/shop/t-shirts/womens/

Career Women and Eating Disorders

This article from the Grindstone does not surprise me one bit. The general public believes that eating disorders are purely the domain of white, well-to-do teenage girls, and that is a false assumption. It makes sense that women that have dealt with an eating disorder before might have a relapse or have their eating disorder […]

Literary Envy

Kerry Cohen (author of Loose Girl, which everyone should read) wrote an article about writers and envy for the Gotham Writers’ Workshop that resonated with me. Here is a link to the article: http://www.writingclasses.com/FacultyBios/facultyArticleByInstructor.php?ArticleID=94&utm_source=Gotham+Writers’+Workshop+List&utm_campaign=b105b2653f-WEB_October_Newsletter9_27_2011&utm_medium=email   I am a competitive person, and I sometimes envy other writers, which makes me feel really guilty, especially if the […]

Recommended Nonfiction

One of my friends from college recently asked me what memoirs I was reading, after I posted on facebook about having read a bunch of stripping memoirs while sitting poolside during the summer (those were the days…I miss you already, summer), so this morning I made a list of all the nonfiction (not just memoir) […]

NAMW Young Memoirists Talk About Truth Panel

On October 21st, I’m going to be a panelist on The Young Memoirists Talk About Truth Panel, which is part of the National Association of Memoir Writers Telesummit. This telesummit is free, as long as you register beforehand. There is more information in the link below. I think it’s going to be a great conversation! […]

Twin Cities Literary Punch Cards

Twin Cities people, you should get in on this: http://publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/bookselling/article/48405-twin-cities-literary-community-collaborates-on-punch-card-program.html This is so cool.

Book Nerd Post-Woot!

“Woot” is now in the OED (granted, it’s the concise edition, not the regular OED). This makes me a happy girl. 🙂 The evolution of language is so fascinating. Other words that are now in the OED (concise): jeggings, and sexting. http://www.salon.com/books/feature/2011/08/18/concise_oxford_dictionary

Maggie Goes On A Diet

I haven’t blogged for about a month, because I’ve been busy with work, school, and life, but now that I finally have some free time I’m going to blog again. Look for quite a few blogs to be coming your way… I read about this, and was annoyed: http://www.amazon.com/Maggie-Goes-Diet-Paul-Kramer/dp/0981974554/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314321986&sr=8-1 While I haven’t read Maggie Goes […]

Sloane Crosley Interviewed By The Rumpus

I simply adore Sloane Crosley, and her writing. One of the best nights I had this winter was spent at her Edina Barnes & Noble reading. She is smart, witty, and gorgeous. Her essays are hilarious and provoking, and while I loved I Was Told There’d Be Cake for its hilarity, I loved How Did […]