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Guns, Women, Writing

I haven’t written anything about this for awhile, but I’m still working on a writing project about learning how to shoot, gun culture, women and guns, and other things I can’t seem to quite categorize or pin down. The project has grown larger in scope than I originally intended, and it’s somewhat nebulous. I’ve been […]

Poetry Project Tumblr

One of my goals for the summer is to write more poetry, and so I started a poetry-based tumblr where I post my own poetry from time to time, other people’s poetry, quotes and photos I find inspiring, etc. I am writing a lot about Pennsylvania lately, so it’s kind of Pennsylvania-focused: http://nicolewritespoetry.tumblr.com/ I’m doing a […]

Upcoming Speaking Engagement: Elkins, West Virginia

I am working on logistics for some speaking engagements next academic year, and I can now share with you that I will be headed to Elkins, WV on Friday, September 13th to talk about eating disorders, body image, and recovery with middle and high school students. I am especially excited about this trip because it’s […]

My Grandma Sent Me Penn State Chocolate Bars

My grandma sent me two Penn State chocolate bars (how cool is my grandma?). They totally made my day, and they were delicious as well.


It’s summer, and the academic year has ended, which means I have a lot more free time on my hands. I’m going to be blogging again, and not just about books, writing, and psychology (although I will likely be blogging about those things as well). I’m working on some writing projects this summer, as well […]

NYT Article About “Fat Talk”

The New York Times published an article about “fat talk” that I thought I’d share. I will fully admit that I sometimes participate in “fat talk” although I have gotten much better about not automatically diving into the conversation. Usually I feel pressured into engaging in this kind of conversation, like it’s expected of me. […]

The Atlantic Article On Thinspo, Fitspo, and Social Media

I found this article in The Atlantic interesting because it addresses the idea of “thinspo” and “fitspo” and the fine line between wanting to lose weight for healthy reasons, and wanting to lose weight for unhealthy reasons (or because of an eating disorder). It also deals with the idea of censoring certain phrases and images […]

The Sense Of Immediacy And Thoughts On Revision

I have the luxury of spending roughly four hours on writing-related ventures today (I am so lucky!) due to a fluke in my schedule and a quiet week school-wise. I have been writing like fiend, whenever I get a chance, and I have been caught up in my subject in a way I haven’t been […]

Some Musings On The Evolution Of Authorial Voice

It’s 2:23 on Wednesday, and I’m at my favorite coffee shop in Minneapolis, where I wrote the majority of Purge: Rehab Diaries. I’m drinking some Montana Gold tea, which is my new favorite tea, and watching huge, wet snowflakes fall to the sidewalk and melt. My favorite barista is working. It’s a cozy scene, and a […]

Tybee Island, Georgia (con’t)

WordPress wouldn’t let me post all of my pictures in one post, so here are the rest of my Tybee Island pictures: They were all over the beach.